2 Quilts, 1 Set of Instructions

It’s here! The latest issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited, containing a quilt designed and made by me!Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine
The editors did a great job of providing clear diagrams for my instructions, and of photographing the quilt.  It is made from Michael Miller batiks, supplied by the company for this project.  I love MM fabrics, and was happy to use batiks for a little change from the “oh-so-solid” solids that are currently popularModern Quilts Unlimited.And here’s a second quilt made with the same feature blocks, arranged differently. (The solids are Michael Miller Cotton Couture left over from another project.)  You can get the templates from the magazine and make your own blocks, arranging them to suit yourself.

Quilt Pattern

Alternate colorway and block arrangement from the same pattern

modern quilt

Look at this fun quilting done by Joyce Miller!

So go make it your own way!


10 Favorites from Vermont Quilt Festival

I really enjoyed the Vermont Quilt Festival in Burlington the end of June.  I expected a traditional quilt show, and there were some traditional quilts, but there were many modern quilts as well.  Here are 10 of my favorites for various reasons.  That fantastic quilting on the first one was done by Carrie Zizza of Zizza Machine Quilting (http://www.itsazizza.com/).

quilting detail

Look at the quilting on Love Those Liberties by Laura Clements!

pieced quilt

Rainbow Bricks by Melissa Rolfe–this was her second quilt ever!

pieced circle quilt

Full Circle by Rebecca Rohrkaste

pieced quilt

Patch of Swiss Chard by Ann Feitelson

quilt detail

Detail of Patch of Swiss Chard

pieced quilt

This quilt by Ruth Eissfeldt was all shiny metallic fabrics

applique quilt

These fish by Velda Newman were SO realistic!

pieced quilt

Tied Together by Timna Tarr–a modernized bowtie quilt

pieced quilt

Circles of Hope by Sylvia Einstein

pieced quilt

Kaleidoscopic XX by Paula Nadelstern

pieced quilt

Fill the Void by Cinzia Allocca–my FAVORITE!

detail of quilt

Look at her beautiful quilting!  I love this quilt!

The year so far…

Oops!  It’s the end of June already, so half way through 2014!  Therefore, here are pictures of a few of the things I’ve done so far:

scrap quilt

Quilt Alliance Challenge 2014


Detail of a quilt I submitted to an IQF contest

Next is the June “finish”.  I’ve been sending a finish every month to Aunt Marti at 52quilts because I need the motivation of her challenge to get some of my UFOs (Unfinished Objects) cleaned up!  As you can see, this is pieced but not quilted; Aunt Marti let’s YOU decide what qualifies as “finished”!  And after 2 years staring at these HSTs (half square triangles), I think putting them together into a top for a donation quilt qualifies as “finished”!  So if you need motivation to finish some of your UFOs, click the link above and head over to her blog 🙂

pieced quilt top

Donation quilt top is the finish for June!

improvisationally pieced quilt

In Fairyland, entered in the Vermont Quilt Festival

improv pieced quilt

Improv 9 Patch for Ronald McDonald House

As always, 20% of the projects took 80% of the time!  So it’s good to have the little pouches and swap blocks to be done relatively quickly!  What have you been up to?

Gallery Show!

applique art quilt

Leaf, made in class with Laura Wasilowski

The Asheville Modern Quilt Guild is lucky enough to meet in a nice conference room in the building occupied by both the Quilt Alliance and the Handmade in America organization.  Because of those connections (and the quality of our work) we will be having a show of our members’ work at the gallery maintained by Handmade in America.  This is an organization representing craft artists from Western North Carolina (that would be us!) The work they represent is very high quality, so we are thrilled to be invited to display our work in their gallery, located at 125 S. Lexington Avenue in Asheville.  (The entrance is on Hilliard Avenue between Church and S. Lexington.)

I’m including pictures in this post of the works I’m submitting, but I hope any of you whoshow announcement are in the area will come see the show.  It will run April 29 – August 19, with an opening reception 2-4 p.m. on Sunday, May 4.  We have several fine quilters in our group, and they really do make “all kinds of quilts”, as the title of the exhibit suggests.  Please come!


Improv I, my original design

pieced quilt original design

Bubble Up, my oritinal design



Pantone Challenge

You’re getting this blog early because of the deadline for the Pantone Challenge.  I’ll be back to my regular schedule on Sunday, March 30.

The Quilt Alliance’s TWENTY challenge was so much fun last year that when I heard about the Pantone Radiant Orchid Challenge I decided to enter

Applique quilt

Radiating Orchid mini-quilt for the Radiant Orchid Challenge, 15″ x 15″

This challenge is via link-up with one of the two sponsoring blogs, On the Windy Side and Play Crafts.  You can go to either blog to see the other entries and get details.

Luckily I had a pretty orchid color FQ (fat quarter) in a collection of modern solids (came from my smart son-in-law at Christmas!).  And I took a piping class with Susan K Cleveland a few years ago where I learned to make little bitty piping.  I’d already gotten the Alison Glass green fabric to go with the modern solids, so I was ready to roll!

Using piping to help turn under the edge is one of my favorite ways to applique circles, and I wanted a little extra definition for the edges.  I had to make templates (yikes!) to cut the green and, naturally, the print turned out to be directional so I had to be careful how I cut it (double yikes!).

As always, I learned several things making this project.  Using templates wasn’t so bad; I made them from freezer paper & ironed them onto the fabric for cutting.  And Susan’s method for joining the ends of the piping worked perfectly so you can’t tell where it begins and ends as it circles the shapes.  So, it was fun and now it’s done!  😉  Have a good week!

My friend is famous!

One of my quilting buddies dared to submit her quilt to the AQS Paducah show and IT WAS ACCEPTED!  I think that’s pretty special (even if she isn’t really famous yet).  Here’s the quilt:

applique storybook quilt

Jerri’s quilt, which she calls “Tell Me A Story”

And here is a picture of Jerri Szlizewski, who made the quilt:

head shot of Jerri

Jerri Szlizewski

.The pattern is “Once Upon a Time” by Cheryl Almgren Taylor, who graciously gave Jerri permission to enter the quilt in AQS shows.  Here’s a close-up of the work on the quilt:

Jerri's quilt close-up

Close-up of Jerri’s quilt

Jerri is very patient when it comes to her quilting and does beautiful applique as well as lovely pieced quilts that some of us would consider tedious 😉  I’m so happy for her to have a quilt in this prestigious show!  The quilt will be shown at AQS in Lancaster, PA as well, so if you live near either Lancaster or Paducah you’ll have a chance to see it in person.

3 Great Holiday Hints

 Feel free to share this post with anyone who may want to give you a gift! 😉

Here are my Top 3 Gadgets of the moment.  You may need them, too!

  1. Oil pen.
    oil pen

    Oil pen

    This handy little oiler has a long, thin tip at one end and a pushbutton at the other, making it possible to dispense just one drop of machine oil in the tight recesses of your machine!  It comes with a secure screw-on cap so you can even carry it around in your pocket like a pen if you want to.  So far mine has never leaked when I’ve thrown it in my gadget bag for workshops and retreats.  My sweetie got mine on Amazon HERE, though there certainly there may be other sources.

  2. Mini vacuum attachments.
    miniature attachments

    Miniature attachments allow use of a standard vacuum cleaner to clean your machine

    My husband got these for me at a big box home and hardware store, but I’ve seen them at quilt shows, too.  The price varies wildly for what appears to be the same set of attachments, so I say shop around and pay less than $10.  These are especially useful for cleaning a serger because a serger gets so messy so fast, but I use them happily on my regular sewing machine, too.  Just attach the adapter to your regular vacuum cleaner and the little attachments clean those hard-to-reach areas of either machine.  I could still use an even smaller tip, but it’s a big improvement over using only a cleaning brush with no suction.

  3. Fray checkFray-Chek Well, it isn’t exactly a tool, but it has many uses this time of year 🙂   I apply it to ribbon ends so they won’t fray and outline my iron-on applique with it before I sew around the edge.  I don’t do a lot of iron-on applique on things that will be washed, but this makes me feel a little more secure when I do. And shown below IS the latest iron-on applique, which I’m showing just for fun.  I made the onesie tie with a tutorial from a blog called Crap I’ve Made. I love it!  Then I made a pattern from one of my husband’s ties and made a grownup-size T shirt for the Father of the child, so they can match!onesie and t shirt with iron-on ties

So:  go drop a few hints!