About Me

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by!  My name is Mary J. Puckett.

I’ve been “sewing” since I was old enough to hold scissors, but my first real project was a dress (for my sister—I was no fool), made when I was around 11.

I made my own clothing for years, but switched to quilts when I figured out that fitting a quilt to a bed was more fun than fitting clothes to my body.

EVEN SO, a memorable early quilt was taken to the guest bed as soon as it was finished—and was found to fit the TOP of the bed exactly, with no allowance for drop on the sides!

I’ve done better since then…

Most of my quilts are my own design, and most of them are modern.

I enter contests and shows occasionally. Sometimes I win something or sell something, which is pleasant, but really I quilt because it’s FUN. You can see one of my winning designs here.

I write for magazines a little, and you can read about one of my magazine articles here.

And of course I teach quilting and talk to guilds. One of my recent classes is a modern scrap quilt.  You can see the process here.

You can subscribe to my blog (published every Sunday) by going back to any post and entering your email address in the box near the upper right corner.  If you’re on a portable device, the “follow” button probably will show up as a floating rectangle superimposed on whatever page you’re reading.

You can contact me by leaving a comment on the blog or emailing me: ZippyQuilts (at) gmail (dot) com.

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mary J. Puckett – I have enjoyed your posts and look forward to having the notification for next Sunday’s post. I wonder how do you find the time? Do you sleep? Chat soon – R.

  2. Hi Mary, Katie found your blog and sent it to me. I am drawn toward modern quilting now though I was never too found of traditional quilts. I only have one problem….where did all these young modern designers and quilters come from all of a sudden? I used to be the young one.

    Have you figured out who I am?

    • Hi Mary! yes, I know who you are and I appreciate your following my blog. And we are still young! I see you have several grandchildren, which is amazing at such a young age! Good to hear from you!

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  4. Hello Mary, I have just discovered your blog through a pintrest link. I love your scrappy style in writting and quilting. I look forward to perusing all the posts. It is also unusal at best to find a blog that has stood the test of time. Happy quilting my friend. Lisa

  5. Hi Mary! This is Mary Lindberg. I’m the winner! We are camping and been out of touch. Here is my email….

      • I received my prize book and am so excited to get it. Thank you!
        I also want you to know that I’m using your sashing design with a charm pack. It definitely is fiddly but I like the challenge and 42 blocks isn’t bad.

        Thanks again,
        Mary Lindberg

      • Hi Mary. Thanks for your note. Would you send me a picture of the charm pack quilt when it’s finished? I like to show readers what other people have done!

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