Stash smash: 8 inch squares

I’m slowly working my way through my stash, and currently my focus is on “unfinished projects”.  There seem to be a lot of them 😉

8" squares

8″ Squares

I found this stack of 8″ squares that was made as the start of a quilt a while back.  I didn’t like the pattern once I got started on it, so here’s this stack with no purpose.  Not my favorite fabrics is part of the problem, I think.

Of course, SOMEBODY sure would like these fabrics, so I had options:

1.  Try to give them to friends.  But those friends probably would try to give me some of their stash in return!

2.  Put them in the donation pile.  Several problems with that idea; never mind!

3.  Make them into something.  Since I make a fair number of donation quilts for Ronald McDonald House, that seemed like the best bet.

So I paired lights with darks and cut each pair into 3 unequal strips.  I did the cuts at random intervals, but parallel to the sides to keep the blocks from getting too wonky.  Then I traded the center strips and sewed the strips back together to make a set of 2 blocks.

I stacked the sets again and cut them at irregular intervals, switched the middle strip again, and re-assembled them into irregular 9-patch blocks:

Now they are a donation quilt top for Ronald McDonald House, and this one will be suitable for an older child, since the fabrics aren’t juvenile novelty prints.  Success!  Another stack gone!  And another donation quilt done!

I’m taking part in “Aunt Marti’s” UFO challenge so to finish 12 UFOs in 2014.  It might help you get your UFOs done, too.  Click HERE for the link to the original post where she tells you how to do it.

nine patch quilt

Nine Patch Quilt

Hope you have a good week.  Maybe some of your leftovers would make good donation quilts, too!





2 thoughts on “Stash smash: 8 inch squares

  1. Great way to use your scraps. I like your results and am certain someone at the Ronald McDonald House will love it. Back to for the rest of the parade. Sandi

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