Dress Shirt Quilt

I have been saving my husband’s worn out dress shirts for years to use the fabric for quilting. They are too worn at the collar and elbows for him to wear to work, but there is plenty of good fabric left for quilts.shirt quilt I made one quilt from them a year or so ago and used the pockets and plackets for interest.quilt made from shirts
A friend gave me a nice stack of shirt fabric that she had acquired from a custom shirt maker as discarded samples.shirting for quilt

The “Trail Mix” quilt from All People Quilt has been on my to-do list for years, and I decided it would be perfect for these shirt fabrics.  (The pattern is free; you can click on the name and link to the page.)trail mix quilt

I’ve made the first two types of blockquilt blocks and have arrived at time to make the blocks that provide the accent rows of tiny blocks.  I don’t think I have a shirt bright enough to make these accents stand out, so I’m considering solids from my stash.  Any opinions about which would work best?

Rust tone-on-tone

Mottled soft red

Solid red

Solid yellow

Solid Orange

Thanks for your advice!

31 thoughts on “Dress Shirt Quilt

  1. This should be a fun project for you. I love the Trail Mix design and have long thought of making one, too. I would go with the solid red or the rust at the top. I think the darker values will show better against the lovely mix of mostly medium-value shirt fabrics. And wow lucky you to get to play with the sample pack!

  2. I like the top two, the rust tone-on-tone and the soft mottled red. I think they look like they have aged a bit, as soft shirt fabrics do. I think I would use both of them randomly mixed.
    This will be beautiful!

  3. Oh this is very yummy to me as I love recycled materials and I love the personal connection of the materials! That Trial Mix patterns looks familiar (maybe I have it somewhere) and the perfect pattern!

  4. Great pattern for shirting design fabric scraps! I’m with Chela – the rust and/or orange. But I think I prefer the rust because its darker lines in the design adds depth, grounding the basic rust color.
    Enjoy your project!

  5. Ohhh!!! I love the quilt pattern!!! And I’m going to throw in another spinner! What if you recycled a pair of jeans? …maybe a darker pair of blue jeans? That’s what I’m thinking I’ll use on my hubby’s quilt! And have you ever made the scrappy binding??? You could use all of those pretty, bright, bold colors!!! That would really give it a spark!!!

    • I just re-read what you’re project is… I see where you would need a color to offset the shirt colors… I say the mottled red! Maybe use the recycled blue jeans as the binding!

  6. I was going to say the mottled rust or solid red but saw someones idea of using both the mottled rust and mottled red which I kinda like.

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