Orphan Block Cards

A while back I ordered some blank cards with the idea that I would use some fabric scraps to create my own note cards. card2

In addition to the cards, I had this spray intended to turn any fabric into fusible fabric. Never mind why.  card1

So I sprayed the back of one of my little orphan blocks, then ironed it onto the card. I pinked the edges of the blocks before using because I figured there’d be endless loose threads otherwise.

card3The heat of the iron warped the card a little, so I wasn’t entirely satisfied with that.  A glue stick probably would have worked as well, without creating the warp.

Despite the warp, this was actually going pretty well, and I have an (almost) endless supply of little orphan blocks, so next I tried sewing the blocks on the cards:card4

It was difficult to keep them from distorting while being sewn.  So…warped cards from ironing, or blocks slightly askew from sewing?  Anyway, they are unique 🙂card5

Be warned: If I correspond with you regularly, one of these will be coming your way, ready or not!

16 thoughts on “Orphan Block Cards

  1. Good morning Mary … love the card idea! I used to make cards with embroidery designs way back when I was still excited about the embroidery machine.

    I still do that once in a while, but not often, now Later

  2. Oops. I just sent you a messed up message! Was editing what I wrote and was about to paste something I cut, and hit send by accident. Let me try that again.

    I used to do cards with embroidery designs stitched on fabric and attached to cards. If I was going to do that now, I would spray the back of the design with the adhesive spray (no ironing) to keep it in place and then stitch it. You might want to give that a try instead of the spray that needs to be ironed.

    Hope all’s well with you! Sorry about the messed up message.


  3. It’s fun making your own cards, isn’t it? I haven’t made any for a few years now, but used to love spending a day trying different things and techniques – it’s surprising what you can create out of a few scrap bits and pieces! 🙂

  4. What a novel idea! You could make smaller versions of cards with fabrics in your stash and carry them in your purse so you would always be able to coordinate! I have seen people stitch fabric to index cards and put postcard postage on them and send them as well, what fun!

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