Ironing Spray

I’m a big fan of Mary Ellen’s Best Press because it does a great job of getting out wrinkles and smoothing fabric without leaving flakes like starch can do. I recently tried Flatter and found that it works just as well.

I’m also a fan of Pinterest and recently found a recipe for “Quilter’s Moonshine” ironing spray. The original post, by Joanne Hubbard, gives the recipe here.  So off I went to the liquor store to buy the cheapest vodka I could find.  I guess if your quilt isn’t turning out you can drink your ironing spray 😀

Another ingredient in the Quilter’s Moonshine is liquid starch, so I went looking for that, as well.  Not, of course, at the liquor store.  The only starch I’ve seen in years was in a pressurized spray can, but sure enough, there was actual liquid starch in a spray bottle at the grocery store.  They also had powdered starch that had to be mixed with water, but I passed on that.

To my surprise, I found another ironing spray right there on the shelf in the grocery store!  I’ve tried it now and it works really well.  My only objection is that it has a strong scent.  Not unpleasant, but not something I really want to smell all day, either.

Finally the ingredients were assembled!  The recipe makes over a gallon, so I cut it in half.  I used a funnel to get it into the best empty spray bottles I found around the house, and voila!  Ironing spray!  It worked just fine and the faint scent was not a problem.

So check out the link to Joanne Hubbard’s blog and give it a try!


10 thoughts on “Ironing Spray

  1. Anything with vodka in it gets my attention. Sew many days when things aren’t going well in the sewing studio….how wonderful it would be to have just have a quick nip of the spray bottle …just kidding, but seriously! I often think about making homemade spray starch and will follow the link now that someone has confirmed it works.

  2. Unscented is the way for me! I rarely use starch or sizing, so it takes a very long time to use up a container of it. Next time, perhaps I’ll go the cheap-vodka route. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I use a lot of starch. I don’t mind the flaking as I wash any quilt before gifting. I make my own starch using corn starch and water. I also buy Faultless heavy starch if I find it at my local salvage store. However, I I’m too cheap to buy the ‘specialty’ stuff. I’m also a big fan of using the teflon pressing sheets that are so abundant now. They do a great job of protecting fabric from iron and iron from fabric. Also, they prevent shine and reduce iron drag on heavily biased blocks. I’ve seen the vodka spray, but I cannot bring myself to spray vodka on my fabric.

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