My Modern Sampler: Improv Block I

Sherri Lynn Wood’s book finally arrived,Improv Handbook, Sherri Lynn Wood and I’ve been enjoying it.  I have NO intention of making a full-size quilt for every exercise in the book!  However, an improv block for my sampler quilt seemed just right.

The first exercise in the book involves cutting fabric into squares, then using background fabric as needed to join them improvisationally.  I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves here.

Improv quilt block

I chose  2 fabrics and a background to start–my notes are lying on the background fabric

Improv block

Then I cut a bunch of squares

About half way through, the design looked too static to me, so I cut a triangle of background fabric to set in the middle and throw the whole thing onto diagonal lines.

Improv block

I joined some of the pieces, but then…I decided to add a triangle!

The finished block:

improv quilt block

The finished block, which will be 12-1/2 inches square

This ended up resembling my previous work much more than it resembles Sherri Lynn’s quilts.  I think that may be sort of the point 🙂  Here are some of my previous improv blocks:

I’ll probably go on to Improv Block II, etc, as I go through the book.  Stay tuned!

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10 thoughts on “My Modern Sampler: Improv Block I

    • It’s the most original quilting book I’ve seen in a long time. It progresses from easy to more challenging, and I think I’ll like the upcoming quilts better. I look forward to seeing what you do with it, too.

  1. Mary, I took Sherri Lynn’s improv class last year when she was writing this book. It’s a neat concept. I have the book and am in one photo. 🙂

    Ann Haley (925)785-8117

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