My friend is famous!

One of my quilting buddies dared to submit her quilt to the AQS Paducah show and IT WAS ACCEPTED!  I think that’s pretty special (even if she isn’t really famous yet).  Here’s the quilt:

applique storybook quilt

Jerri’s quilt, which she calls “Tell Me A Story”

And here is a picture of Jerri Szlizewski, who made the quilt:

head shot of Jerri

Jerri Szlizewski

.The pattern is “Once Upon a Time” by Cheryl Almgren Taylor, who graciously gave Jerri permission to enter the quilt in AQS shows.  Here’s a close-up of the work on the quilt:

Jerri's quilt close-up

Close-up of Jerri’s quilt

Jerri is very patient when it comes to her quilting and does beautiful applique as well as lovely pieced quilts that some of us would consider tedious 😉  I’m so happy for her to have a quilt in this prestigious show!  The quilt will be shown at AQS in Lancaster, PA as well, so if you live near either Lancaster or Paducah you’ll have a chance to see it in person.

7 thoughts on “My friend is famous!

  1. Thanks for featuring my quilt, which is being gifted to my granddaughter on her 4th birthday this year. It was a joy to make and took a full year. You’ll be one of the first to know how it does in competition.

  2. Congratulations Jerri! The quilt is gorgeous and surely a HUGE amount of work. Best of luck at the AQS in Lancaster! 🙂

  3. I will be at AQS in Lancaster and am looking forward to seeing Jerri’s quilt! Mary, thank you ifor telling us about it.

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