Slabs in 4 Colors

One of my quilt groups is swapping slabs, those blocks made up of scraps all in a single color range.  (The name was given to this block style by Cheryl Arkison, who blogs at Dining Room Empire, if you want to check her out.)  We all have MORE than enough scraps in all possible colors, so each of us requested slabs of a specific color.

It turns out these are addictive!  Usually we make only 2 blocks for each recipient, but I got a little carried away….and this is only half the blocks I’ve made so far.

Improvised quilt blocks

Just a few of the slabs 

Aren’t they pretty?  And such fun!  So fair warning to my quilt group friends:  I HAVE the scraps and I know what to do with them!  You will be getting lots of blocks this time!  Which should give the option of taking a break to those of you who have weddings to plan, etc.

If you think I’m kidding about making extra, just look at the scrap bin. Something must be done!Scrap-Basket

What are you doing with your scraps these days?

8 thoughts on “Slabs in 4 Colors

  1. So many names for those blocks: your “slabs” (new to me), “crumbs,” “made fabric,” and “improv fabric. And so many things to do with them! Mine are patiently waiting to be color sorted.

  2. I love these! I imagine its very addictive making cute blocks out of all those scraps. I cut mine into either 2.5 in squares for patchwork or 2 inch strrips for log cabins. I’ve got a lot of squares right now, so it’s about time for a new project!

    • Believe it or not, I cut mine into set sizes, too. But there was that whole bin WAITING to be cut, so I had some fun shapes to start with. Thanks for visiting & commenting 😊

  3. Scraps or bigger pieces, I’m not doin’ nuthin’. I think I’m on hiatus for another month. We have another week of family stuff, and then a few days off, and then another big thing. I do love your color blocks, especially the blues. And oranges. 🙂

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