Kraft-Tex Baskets

When I finish a quilt, I cut the scraps into usable sizes.  If there’s enough for strips, I cut them and store them in bins by width.  If there are chunks that make good squares for the next scrap quilt (I always have at least one in progress), I cut those and toss them in a pile for use the next time I have a scrap quilt day.scrap block, slabs, scrap quilt

About those piles…it’s easy for the studio to be a mess, so I thought I should have a basket to hold the scrap quilt pieces until I’m ready to make the blocks!  I found a free pattern by Noodlehead that makes baskets in two sizes; you can get it here.

I made the baskets out of some of the Kraft-Tex sent to me by C&T when I agreed to be a Kraft-Tex ambassador.  The patterns have only the corner seams, which are 1/4″, so they worked out very well for Kraft-Tex.  For the smaller one, I did not use any interfacing, but for the larger one I used fusible interfacing as instructed.  Yes, it fused to the Kraft-Tex just fine.  I ironed from the interfacing side, using a press cloth, and it adhered to the Kraft-Tex without difficulty.

I made another one of the larger baskets, adding a handle, and am thinking of hanging it in the laundry room to hold stray socks.  (Although, really, does a missing sock ever show up, or is this a futile plan?)  This picture better shows the lovely color of the Kraft-Tex, which is one of the newer pre-washed offerings.

One final benefit of these baskets–they were fully washable. I have washed Kraft-Tex  in the past, and it came out just fine.   Now to organize some scraps!

10 thoughts on “Kraft-Tex Baskets

  1. Lovely baskets. I am impressed with your system of cutting scraps into usable pieces. Good luck with getting them organised — scraps seem to have a chaotic will of their own!
    I also find it hard to throw away those odd socks

  2. Actually, I much prefer sorting through my scraps than making baskets – not that those aren’t great baskets…I’d love to have a few myself.
    But I love playing with scraps as I sort and it becomes more of a relaxing thing that stimulates creative ideas.
    Anyway, at least you’re reducing the scrap pile – whatever it takes!

  3. Great idea to make some fun baskets for your scraps. Will you do a post on how you think about “scrap days,” and how these scrap quilts take shape in your mind (or do you just sort of see what the scraps are and go from there)? Just an idea (or refer me to an earlier post–I’m happy for that, too).

  4. These are so cute! I have been making some baskets myself, working out my own way of doing it, but these look quicker than the way I figured out. I will have to try them!

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