Thread Review

Note: I received no compensation for this review, either in products or payment.

I have used Superior So Fine thread for piecing and a lot of my quilting for a long time now. It comes in a wide range of colors and runs smoothly, without leaving excess lint in my machine.  I use it for hand sewing as well, on the rare occasions when I do that.soFine1

I buy a lot of thread, so I subscribe to the Superior Threads newsletter in order to get bargains when they come along.  They recently ran a special to encourage folks to try out new threads: You could get spools of several threads for half price if you let them choose the colors.

I’m all about trying new things, so I bought several.  I sewed a little sample of each and stapled it in my Superior Threads catalog so I can refer to it when I order in future.

The first thread I tried was Fantastico, a 40-weight trilobal polyester.

trilobal polyester thread

Fantastico thread sample–I didn’t balance the tension, as you can see. I just wanted to see the thread.

I’ve been interested in trilobal thread since my friend Melanie over at Catbird Quilts showed a nice piece she’d quilted with trilobal thread–it was shiny!  (The thread she used was Glide, and she uses a long-arm rather than a home machine for quilting.)

Next up was another 40-weight trilobal polyester, this one variegated:

Superior thread review

Sample swatch done with Superior Rainbows thread

I still didn’t balance the tension, but you can see the sheen more with the variegated thread.  I like this one, too!

Superior Razzle Dazzle is a thread developed by Ricky Tims and intended for couching or bobbin work.  I bought this years ago for a machine quilting class I took and I never got to use it.  So, since I was trying out threads anyway, I wound it on the bobbin, put Superior Bottom Line (a thin polyester) thread in the needle, and gave it a try:

thread review

Superior Razzle Dazzle sample

I think bigger stitches would be better, but I like this! Razzle Dazzle indeed!  I’ve never used bobbin work for quilting, but I think I can feel it coming soon.

Superior Magnifico is another decorative trilobal polyester thread, again 40 weight.  I don’t know how many colors it comes in, but there are EIGHT pages of color charts in my catalog!

Superior Threads review

Sample using Superior Magnifico

Finally, my FAVORITE, a metallic thread.  I’ve tried several metallic thread and usually had trouble with them, even in my Bernina.

metallic thread for quilting

Superior Metallic thread

Ad you can see, this one gave me no trouble.  And I did take time to balance the tension 🙂

All these threads ran smoothly with no problems. The recommended needle (#90) was printed on the end of each spool, which was very handy.  I’m happy to have tried these and expect I’ll use them soon in my home-machine quilting.