Finally, the Move!

Aha! We are finally in our new home and loving it.

It includes a specially-designed quilt closet for storing finished quilts on wire shelving with good ventilation.

There are vents at the base of the doors to let air in

And a vent on the side wall at the top to let air out, encouraging passive circulation.

And it’s nice to know the quilts will be well treated now, because some of them had a little accident on the trip here.

Luckily the boxes that got damp contained finished quilts. I just washed and dried them and they are just fine.

The rest of the quilts (for the second part of the move) were packed like this.

So, once I can get my studio set up, the quilt making will begin again! Here’s a picture of the studio

And the special knob for the studio door

There’s a house attached to the studio, as well as a yard.

If anybody is looking for a great builder in the N.C. triad area, you should know that our house was built by My Granville Home of Greensboro. They were wonderful! Feel free to contact either me or the Granville people with questions.