The Rest of the Story

Here are the other two quilts I made while doing the Gwen Marston class on iQuilt.

This first one is my version of one of her quilts, and again I made it 12″ x 12″.  I faced it, which I don’t usually do, so that was a learning experience.  I like the way it turned out.Gwen Marston iQuilt class

This second one was made of scraps from the other quilts in the series, which makes me happy.  Marston2

This started as a liberated Roman Stripe design, with a center of 4 larger blocks and a “border” of smaller blocks.  The size of the blocks worked out fine, but the pieces got more and more “liberated” so that I’m not sure it looks much like a Roman Stripe any more.  Which is fine, actually.

I quilted it using a pattern of wandering lines, all in one direction, and I like the result. After considering several threads, I used a thin medium grey polyester.  I think it blended well so that the quilting didn’t obscure the design.  Here’s my “trial” of several threads.Marston1

How do you choose your quilting thread for a project?

6 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story

  1. I really like these two quilts, the first one reminds me of yellow sticky notes, lol. I audition my thread in a similar way, pulling out a long strand and laying it across the quilt to see if it will blend or stand out.

  2. I too lay it out. However, most of my quilts have high contrast and I used to change thread. Then I noticed that light on dark doesn’t stand out as much as dark thread on light. So my default is to go with lighter (when I can’t blend).

  3. I pull out several and lay them out, but I also puddle them a bit to really get an idea of the way it would look with a lot of close quilt. Silver is my go to color, bottom line by Superior if you want it to blend in and dissappear.

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