Scrappy Triangle Swap Blocks

I’ve belonged to a block swap group for a long time, but we have done extra during COVID. Here’s the latest, a scrappy triangle block. In case you want to know, it’s made with the tri-recs tool, available several places–just ask Ms. Google.

What we haven’t done is put any of these into a quilt! Here are some ideas on layout:

And in case you’ve never made improvised scrap blocks, here are directions. We’ve been using single-color scraps, but there’s no reason the color scheme can’t be scrappy.

Start by choosing 2 scraps you like and sew them together any way you care to. If one has a curved side, you can choose to sew the curve or cut it off straight.

Trim up an edge so you can add something else.

Keep adding pieces, checking occasionally to see if your template is going to fit on the scraps.

It’s fine to add BIG pieces too in order to move things along.

Press all the seams open. Too much bulk otherwise with all those seams.

Finally, cut around your template and assemble the block.

What templates do you like to use?

14 thoughts on “Scrappy Triangle Swap Blocks

  1. Yessss! This is my kind of scrappy-improv! Now that restrictions have eased, maybe all you gals can get together to sew up the blocks made during the restrictive days of COVID?
    Anyway, what a happy Sunday post – enjoy the rest of the weekend, Zippy.

  2. This is a great “mindless” sewing project. Like the idea of using the Tri-Recs. i’ve always liked the sharp triangle it makes

  3. I love this!!! Thx for showing us your process, too. Really helpful to see it step by step! I don’t have a tri-recs ruler but I do have an Accuquilt cutter and I have this die in several block sizes! So, even easier than the ruler… Looking forward to trying this out this week. Thanks for the inspiration and instruction!!

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