Super Fans!

I haunt Pinterest in my “spare time”  looking at pretty quilts. OK, maybe it’s “procrastinating time” rather than actual “spare time”, but you get the picture 😀

After seeing a number of lovely string quilts, I was forced to make lots of string blocks and assemble them into this “super fan” quilt.

There are many similar examples on the internet. I did not use a fabric foundation, as many string quilters do.

I made no attempt to use the same number of strips in each block, and my husband points out that the blocks do vary quite a bit. All good, I say.

I used strips from my scrap bins.

Those scrap bins are filled by cutting all leftovers into uniform strips, which vary in width from 1.5″ to 4.5″. These strips are useful for many things, from tying up packages to adding just the right bit of color to some projects. They do often overflow, though.

Here are a few of the other projects made from the strip bins:

And WOO! Paducah quilt week is only a week away!!! If you’ll be there I’d love to meet you!

Meanwhile, I’ll have a tutorial next week on how I did this fan block.

18 thoughts on “Super Fans!

  1. I love all your quilts and I especially like it when you post several at a time! It reminds me of ones I have told myself I am going to make someday!

    In this most recent beautiful quilt, did you cut the strips narrow at one end and wide at the other? Or did you place some wedges between some straight strips? Or did you sew them at angles? Or would that be revealing secrets?

  2. What a happy, fabulous quit! I love the use of strings this way–you do inspire me to make some of my own. Have fun at Paducah–I’ve never been, but have always wondered what it’s like. Sounds like total quilty heaven!

  3. What a pretty way to use fabric strips! If I had as many as you apparently do, i’d be sewing them up like this too! However, my scrap stash is almost as small as my print stash. So for now, I’ll admire what you’ve made. Thanks for sharing!

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