More Magic Kaleidoscopes

We had a good time at Studio Stitch with the magic kaleidoscope class. It’s always fun to see the fabric people pick and how the blocks turn out. For the first student, I managed to get both a photo of the fabric and a photo of some of the blocks:

For two students, I failed to get any pictures at all! For the remainder, I got pictures of blocks only:

I thought all the students did a great job!

And my class demonstration quilt came back from the quilter, so here it is:

Here’s a detail:

And here’s the back, showing my effort to get rid of all related fabrics!

Stats for my quilt:

Name: Sassaman Kaleidoscope

Finished size: 52″ x 62″

Designed and made by: me

Quilted by: Elisabeth Pugh

10 thoughts on “More Magic Kaleidoscopes

  1. It’s apparent that a print with a more clearly defined, graphic quality, is the most effective way to make a kaleidoscope quilt. Yours is really lovely because it perfectly emphasizes spots of design within the print. No doubt you’re a great teacher, and I’m happy for you to have had interested students.

  2. Loved seeing the process pix of your students. This tells me they were a busy, happy class–glad you had such great results (not like my failure, last week). I love your final quilt with the black background: stunning!

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