A Tale of Many Dots

A couple of years ago I bought this fabric because I really liked it:

Since it was pre-printed fat quarters (FQs), I planned to use it in a pattern designed for FQs.  I added a couple of fabrics that I thought went well with it.  Until I saw it sewn together:

I didn’t like the quilt top once I got it made, so I took out every single seam and set the pieces aside to think about.

I took out the fabrics I had added, thinking perhaps they were the problem.  That helped a little.  However, I decided the dots needed some solid mixed with them.  I took them on a shopping trip with friends and we selected a nice red-orange to mix with them.  Then I re-made the quilt including some of the red-orange.

I still didn’t like it.  And call me lazy if you like, but I was not going to take those pieces apart again!  So, with a what-the-heck attitude, I cut the new top up into circles (big dots!) using my dinner and salad plates as templates.

I pinned various potential backgrounds on the design wall and tried them out.

I think some variation of this is going to be the final design.  Maybe not the greatest ever, but nobody died, so I’m moving on!

17 thoughts on “A Tale of Many Dots

  1. Oh my goodness – someone gave me yardage of a similar type of fabric last year (I think because they could not figure out what to do with it and bought it on impulse) and I was not sure what to do with it but these are great ideas!

  2. Watching the creative ‘problem solving’ process here was inspiring. The actual ‘solution’ makes sense – birthed as circles/ending as circles. Pulls it all together and all within the context of a contemporary ‘floating’ background. Hmmm, wonder what your quilting stitch pattern will be?

  3. Loved this. I’ve done a similar thing when I made up a little swap quilt in deep jewel tones and then found out she hated deep jewel tones. So I cut it into a daisy shape, machine appliqued it down onto white and went with it. This will be a fun adventure!

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