My Quilt is in Quilty Magazine!

This quilt was designed with friends at a retreat and remained unfinished for a year while I contemplated what should go in the  

Eventually I decided on petals, finished the quilt, and submitted it to F&W, where it was accepted for the January 2019 issue of Quilty.  I love Quilty, so I was thrilled.  And now the January issue, including my quilt, is available at Barnes & Noble.

This is Quilty’s “glamour shot” of my quilt

Once I got going on what to put in the center, I made another version with a ring in the center and the addition of a floral border:

If you pick up the magazine but want to make the quilt with the center ring instead of the petals, e-mail me and I’ll tell you the measurements.  Alternatively, just trace a dessert plate from your collection, which is what I did 😀

27 thoughts on “My Quilt is in Quilty Magazine!

  1. Hi Mary, congratulations on having your quilt featured in Quilty Magazine! It really is beautiful, the center petals and your choice of fabric for them are perfect. Lovely piece. Carol

  2. Very cool! I saw that magazine on my last trip to Walmart, and almost picked it up, but said, “No! You have too many WIP as it is!!”
    Now I have a good reason to go back to get it. 🙂

  3. Woohoo! Always happy to see some of my favorite creators in print! I love the large petals in the center–glad you were able to go with that one when published. Super jog–Congratulations!

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