Slabs, Round 2

Cheryl Arkison is one of several people to suggest putting together scraps of the same color to make a quilt block (or fabric from which to cut quilt pieces).  Cheryl calls hers “slabs” and makes them big–15 inches square finished.Mary J Puckett quilt

Above is the quilt I made from a slab swap with one of my quilt groups a couple of years ago.  I had asked for slabs made from the yellow/orange family, and I loved what I got.  But I’m not one to leave well enough alone, so I cut them up and made the quilt shown above.

A relative-who-will-remain-nameless looked through my quilts online and asked for something similar, but in a larger size.

I’ve had fun collecting orange and yellow fabrics.  My friend Linda donated a large bag of orange “scraps”; I felt free to ask her since she claims to hate orange 😀  Then she brought me a big cut of solid orange to go with the scraps!

slab quilt

Linda even found an orange patterned bag to put her scraps in!

The rest came from my stash and from a few things I bought while travelling.  I improvised the squares, featuring a few funky fabrics in each one from the fabrics I bought especially for this quilt.

Then I used Moda Bella Amelia Blue to sash each square and cut the sashing so they are all wonky.  Each will finish 18″ square with sashing.orange4

This one will be big enough that it will need to go to the long-arm quilter.  I’ll have more pictures when it’s finished.

Meanwhile, how are those holiday projects coming along?


6 thoughts on “Slabs, Round 2

  1. Looks like a fun project, especially with the feature fabric you bought. Also funny that Linda had so much orange to share, given how much she hates it! 😉

    My holiday projects are done. That leaves me some time free to work on my current medallion and think about goals for next year.

  2. Love this idea and your quilt turned out terrific. Orange is my favorite color and I love it paired with blue. I’ve only made a holiday table runner, but had planned on making some pillows. I need to pre wash the fabric since I’ve had two quilts with red in them bleed and I don’t want a third!

    • Eek! I know what you mean about the fabric bleeding, and red is the worst. I prewashed the solid orange for this one (I always put in a color catcher since I’ve dyed the husband’s undershirts one time too many 🙃) and sure enough, it bled!

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