What To Do x 2?

Here are two projects I need to “fix”, and I’m open to suggestions.

improvised quilt

“Swim” is about 50′ x 50″

This first one, shown above, is an improvisation I did about 2 years ago.  I haven’t finished it because the lines between the layers are more distinct than I intended.  I joined the layers with curved seams cut freehand, and I changed the fabrics I used in each layer gradually, but the layers still aren’t blended as well as I’d like.

My “UFO finish” for June is to do SOMETHING with this top. (Mother used to say, “Do something, even if it’s wrong!” when we got stuck on a task.)

My current thought is to cut some freehand diamonds and applique them intermittently along the seams I want to blend.  Any other ideas?

And here’s the second one that needs “fixing”:

improvised quilt

This is to be the June donation quilt, 40″ x 40″

This is my second attempt to follow a Sherri Lynn Wood “score”.  I followed her instructions more closely than last time, and I like it a lot less!

I chose a focus fabric from my novelties because this is a quilt for a child. I followed Sherri Lynn’s directions to make some “rules” and cut up 3 fabrics for the quilt, etc, etc. When I finished, I thought it needed something to “pull it together”, so I added a border of the focus fabric.

BUT, my friend who coordinates our donation quilts looked worried when she saw it. (PLEASE don’t tell me you think that’s a donation quilt?)

So help me out here! What should I do with this?

1. Leave it as it is and quilt it, already!

2. Cut it into blocks to be joined by solid color sashing to calm things down.

Option 1

Option 2

3. Dye it black and use it to back something else (kidding!)

4. Another idea?

Option 2

Option X

Hope you have a good week 🙂

9 thoughts on “What To Do x 2?

  1. Fishes: I like this one a lot. I think if you want to bother appliqueing anything, perhaps cut 3 or 4 longish curves to cross the lines. Loooooooong S shapes. They don’t have to cross both lines, though maybe one of them would. OR leave it, OR add a couple more fishies or other sea life. Maybe ONE slightly bigger, more saturated fish facing the right.

    As to the second one, this is really close, too. I think the issue for me is there is no break between the border and body. If you took the borders off and inserted a very narrow border line of one of the other colors, it would give a place for the eye to rest. Then reattach the print to finish it. If I were 7, I would love it.

  2. My first reaction to the second quilt was that you need to find a different group to donate to, one that understands kids. But if you want to bother, I also like the sashing modification.

    The lines in the first one don’t bother me as much as they bother you. I’d be wary of a potential fix that ends up emphasizing them more. Maybe something subtle, like more of the slanty orange lines in the bottom third and a couple crossing the unwanted lines.

  3. Thanks for your ideas! I especially like the idea of adding a couple of slanty lines. And of course it bothers me because it’s not what I intended–you’re probably right that it isn’t so bad. That’s why it’s good to have help from my friends–thanks!

  4. For the fish quilt, I’d do nothing. If you want, you could emphasize what you don’t like — make more waves. For the donation quilt, please don’t make perfect sashing. Yuu could cut them into different sized blocks with a frame.

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