I’m currently on a program of finishing 2 UFOs (unfinished objects) before starting each new project. I caught up quite a bit last year, but there are a few things still to be done.

Most recently I pulled out these swap blocks from a long time ago. They should finish 24″ square. Of course, since they are medallion style blocks, there’s plenty of opportunity for the size and shape to get “off” with each additional border.

There was one in the group that surely was not perfectly square. I put 4 of them together anyway, figuring this could be a picnic quilt and “fixing” the wonky block was way too fiddly.

This worried me a little, even in a picnic quilt. (OK, like most quilters, I’m more than a little O.C.)

Then my daughter came along and said, “It’s not wonky, it’s organic in design!” Ha! So there! Art-speak is frequently useful!

6 thoughts on “Wonky

  1. Well you did a nice job of making them work together. Since having bad experiences with swapped blocks – you’re right about shared blocks not being “perfectly square” – I’ve avoided them. But I admire you for making time to use what you have and making do. The quilt looks great! It really has a nice color flow.

    • Thanks 😊 I learned my lesson long ago when I assembled a bunch of blocks from a quilt group at church. I actually had to sash the blocks to get them all the same size!

  2. Just set your picnic basket in a strategic spot, and offer any viewers a glass of wine! No one will notice that anything is off. 🙂 (And I don’t think I would have noticed anything myself, even wine-less.) It is a cute design!

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