Eight Years

I’ve now been blogging weekly for 8 years. One of the best things about it is “meeting” people from all over the world and reading about what they are doing. Some of them have been at it even longer than I have, though many of the bloggers I’ve “met” have since quit writing.

Here are my current favorite quilts from each of the years I’ve been blogging.

Rising star art quilt

Rising Star, made for the Quilt Alliance TWENTY contest in 2013

quilt photo

My Zippy Star Quilt and Pillow as shown in Modern Quilts Unlimited, Summer 2014

modern quilt

Happy Squares, designed and made by me, 2015

improvisational quilt

Cherrywood Toss, 2016.

scrap quilt

Scrap quilt made with strips that finish 1″ wide, 2017

Equilateral Triangles, 2018

My “Little Green Man” quilt, June 2019

“Clamshells? Really?” 2020

I’m going to delete many of the older posts since I doubt they are serving any purpose at this time. I have had a book made for each year, as suggested by my friend Linda, so I can always look back at them if I want.

21 thoughts on “Eight Years

  1. Well, I have been reading your blog for around 5 years now. I enjoy your creativity and color! You bring something to the table that many don’t. Congratulations on your 8 years!

  2. I am with you on deleting some older posts. Can you explain more about what you meant by having a book made? I have printed out a lot of my posts, and store them in notebooks, but if there is a more efficient way to capture what I posted, I would be interested to hear about it!

    I have found your blog very inspirational over the years! You seem to always have a fresh take on a pattern, and the way you write about them makes it evident that they are achievable, at my skill level and with the time I have available. Keep quilting and writing! 🙂

    • I use Blog2Print.com, which was first recommended by another blogger. If you go to the site and sign up you’ll eventually get a discount coupon. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  3. Eight featured quilts for 8 blogging years! Congrats! I, too have been getting delete trigger-happy on old posts…thanks for suggesting an option via Blog2Print.com. I think there’s also some sort of WP plugin that can do similar things.
    Anyway, My few years of following you have been a joy – here’s to more years to come!

  4. You are such an inspiration! Eight years of weekly blogs is a huge achievement and your “pick” of quilts for the years takes my breath away. Congratulations 400 times over, Mary.
    Could you tell us how you collated your posts into books for each year?

  5. I loved this trip through your blogging years. I am starting on making books, too, but am not current, so I’ve got to do some work to catch up! I have found that some of my early “ditsy” posts could be deleted, but I’m always surprised when someone comes into the blog from an older post–something they’ve seen somewhere, or found on Pinterest or searched for. I really love that quilt with the diamond-like quality: Zippy Star and Pillow. Beautiful!

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