Asheville Quilt Show

So I went to the Asheville Quilt Guild’s annual show, which usually has lots of inspiration.  There were many nice quilts, but two quilt makers stood out, in my opinion.

The first is Diana Ramsay, whom I know from the Modern Quilt Guild, which used to exist in Asheville.  Here are her quilts:

Fascinating Rhythm by Diana Ramsay

modern quilt, Asheville Quilt Show

Bulls Eye II, by Diana Ramsay

Although I don’t know Linda Fiedler, I was very impressed by her quilts, as well:

Moonglow, by Linda Fiedler

The guild’s gift shop always has something I wish I had made, and this year it was a little pyramid bag.  Of course I bought it.

I’ve always liked pyramid bags, which I first saw years ago in a craft store in Berea, Kentucky.  I had a pattern to make one, but it seemed pretty complex.  The internet to the rescue!  I found several sets of instructions and even videos.  Here are the instructions I used:

And here is the first set of pyramids. 

They were quick and easy!  Do I hear a Christmas gift idea?

10 thoughts on “Asheville Quilt Show

  1. Of course, wonderful eye-candy for me to see! Thanks for the Quilt Show shots.
    Those pouches offer an opportunity to brush up on zipper-installation skills without messing up a crucial garment – will have to try out that pattern. Little cuties, they are!

  2. Fun to see these quilts. I have a friend who making one similar to that first one–wonder if she got her inspiration out of the air, of if she saw this? I love your little pyramid bags–will bookmark that for future reference, for sure!
    (PS I don’t often get back to blogs that I’ve commented on, so if you want me to see your comment, please email, if possible.)

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