Two More Quilts Find Homes

One of the best things about quilting is being able to give quilts to people who will appreciate them. Our friends Jim and Michele recently moved and, when we went to see them and the new house, I took two big piles of quilts so that each of them could choose a quilt to use in their new home.

We loved the modern house they chose in a wooded setting.  I think Abby the dog loves it, too

Michele chose a quilt to cuddle under while watching TV or reading, and to my surprise it was a traditional sampler quilt made from a block swap with friends.  The choice certainly reinforced my idea of letting friends choose their own quilts rather than choosing for them.

Who knew that a photo in bright sun would show up the quilting so well?

Jim chose one to hang in his music studio.  Michele recently sent a picture of the quilt hanging there.  As you can see, it goes well with his other bright decor. This is a variation on a design I did for Modern Quilts Unlimited several years ago.

What have you been up to?

15 thoughts on “Two More Quilts Find Homes

  1. I think non-quiltmakers relate to comfort quilts like the sampler because it harkens back to childhood. The soft tones are soothing. OTOH the modern design looks great on the wall! (Lovely house, too.)

  2. How cool of you to let friends choose their quilt-gifts…from a stack of ’em already made and waiting for adoption. Wow!
    I personally love them both…the purple cuz it’s purple dominated and scrappy, and the one you dub as more contemporary because the quilting (that is highlighted in the sunshine shadows of the photo) is what really makes it pop, IMHO.

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