Update on the Shirt Quilt

Remember this?shirt quilt

This pile of blocks barely made a dent in the pile of shirts!

And here is some of the quilt up on the design wall:

The holes are because I unaccountably made too few double 4-patch blocks.  Luckily, that was one of the easier blocks in this quilt, so it the error won’t be difficult to fix!

As you can see, both the red and the orange made good accents.  The interesting thing to me about this quilt is that those little accent blocks save the day.  There is WAY too much variety in the quilt for it to be a good design without those diagonal orange and red lines created by the tiny blocks.  They pull the whole thing together by giving it structure.

I’ll update you when I get the holes plugged 😀

21 thoughts on “Update on the Shirt Quilt

  1. I love how the little 9 patch blocks with red squares read so differently, depending on whether they are surrounded with light or dark colors.
    Did you have problems with the different weights and weaves of the fabrics?

  2. Love this. The shirting fabrics are long-time favorites of mine. You’re right, they are similar enough that they sort of mush out without the zing of the orange and red. Altogether it works just right. Good work, Mary! 🙂

  3. I echo all the previous comments — the way the 9-patches enhance the red/orange chain, that streak of “heat” across the cool blue — what a super design!

  4. That’s Gorgeous ‼️ thanks for sharing your beautiful creation and thoughts about it. I’m learning from you. With Gratitude 🙏🏼 Carolyn

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    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. I probably should have repeated from the original post: the pattern is “Trail Mix” and is free on the American Patchwork and Quilting website.

  5. Very effective use of an accent color to control the design. I especially like the variations in distance between them (in addition to agreeing with all the above praise).

  6. Such a great visible ‘lesson in progress’ on the need for those accent colors and different sized squares…and the fact that it’s a scrap/recycle quilt is always a bonus with me!
    Keep up the momentum and git ‘er done!

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