A Little Quilt

Finished the smallest size (41″ x 35″) Lombard Street pattern and I’m about to send it to Studio Stitch, where I’ll be teaching the class. The triangles are all dots, though not polka dots!Lombard Street quilt pattern
I quilted this on my home machine, just following the zigzags in the background, and it worked just fine.Lombard Street quilt pattern
And the backing is a fun fabric I found on the sale rack at Studio Stitch last time I taught there! Win!triangle quilt

I’m teaching this as an introduction to modern paper piecing, of which it’s a great example.  Paper piecing makes it easy to get all those nice sharp points, and the arrangement of blocks makes people wonder, “How did she DO that???”  It’s always fun to keep people guessing 🙂

18 thoughts on “A Little Quilt

  1. THanks for showing the close-up. I think with that I could dissect it and recreate if I wanted. I don’t necessarily want to do that (but, GREAT QUILT!) but my interest in tessallating patterns has increased. Ruth McDowell used a lot of them and there is a book by Jinny Beyer I’m may well buy. Really cool quilt. I wish I could take the class with you. Also I love the backing fabric!

    • Thanks! My friend Jean Larson has won several contests with her tessellated quilts. I think if you search her on my blog you’ll see where she wrote a how-to for my blog a couple of years ago.

  2. Very nice. It’s colorful, creative and 100% unique! It would be a lot of work, but I would love to have a queen size quilt made with this pattern made with 1920’s fabrics.

    • Me too, but having just made the tiny one, I can only say hahaha to the Queen idea! Nevertheless, you could use the largest of the 3 block sizes the pattern comes in and it would be very do-able.

  3. Hmm, I thought I could detect the way to piece this, but when I look at the close-up, I don’t see seams where I would expect them, so I guess that’s not how you did it! I wish I could take the class too!
    It is very cute and I love the quilting and the way it emphasizes the zigzags.

  4. Cute quilt, and the striped binding is so right! Yes, leaving people with “how did you do that?” is always a good thing (and that is where I am now). Like Textile Ranger, I thought I knew till I saw th close up.

  5. As always a fabulous quilt! I love the pattern and the colors, and the back is perfect! Have a great class!

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