One UFO Makes 3 Quilts!

I made these “prepared fabric” squares some months ago with John Cage’s “prepared piano” in mind.  Then they sat in a box while I wondered what to do with them.

At a quilt retreat, I got some of them out and put them together into a 40″ x 44″ quilt top for Ronald McDonald House.nov-ufo

So the November UFO (UnFinished Object) project was to do something with the rest of those squares.  I modified them further and made 2 more Ronald McDonald quilt tops, each 40 inches square.

That UFO box is empty!  There were a few scraps for the scrap bin, and 3 blocks for the orphan block bin, but that project is DONE!

Sort of like that turkey…how was your Thanksgiving?

10 thoughts on “One UFO Makes 3 Quilts!

  1. Love the notion of putting them into 9-patchey arrangements! Very clever. Never hesitate to slice up a block!

    Thanksgiving was lovely, thank you very much. Son and elder Daughter were with us, a treat we don’t often enjoy. They are 19 years apart in age and have become quite good friends. Makes my heart happy.

  2. Thanksgiving was slower paced and fulfilling! The leftovers are gone after making barbecue turkey sandwiches, hash, turkey noodle soup, and turkey onion and cheese omlets. one big meal provided many small simple meals 🙂

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