Next Scrap Project

I mentioned I’m doing a Lego Quilt, based on instructions from Tonya Ricucci.  I am lucky to have changed to a 4-day-a-week job, so I spent my first Friday off getting all the strips done.  I put them up on the design wall as I pieced them to be sure I was getting a good balance of colors and values.

lego quilt

Strips on my design wall

Tonya’s instructions say to cut 1-1/2″ strips and join them to make the rows in each block.  I have a lot of strips, sorted by width, so I tried the 1-1/2″ strips first, joining them end-to-end and cutting into the lengths I needed.scrap quilt, strip quilt

That was tedious, to say the least. I switched to using wider strips, joining them lengthwise, and cutting 1-1/2″ strips from the

lego-4Now I have 420 strips, enough to make my 42 blocks (finishing 10″ each) for a 60″ x 70″ quilt.  This will be my next leaders-and-enders project.  Here are all the strips laid out ready to go!  scrap quiltStay tuned!  I think it will be fun to see it come together!

8 thoughts on “Next Scrap Project

  1. This does look like fun. Every time I open my scrap drawer, I know I need to make some quilts with just the scraps there. How many could I make? I don’t know. There is a lot of yardage, but I’m not shy about trimming pieces to size and throwing away the bits leftover. Realistically, if I used it all JUST for deliberate scrap quilts like yours, there are at least several quilts in there. !!!

  2. I followed the links and I love the finished quilts, but I think you are wise to sew wider pieces and then cut those into strips, at least for some of the pieces. I think that will help it go faster. And for me, that method would help me get straighter strips too.
    I am looking forward to the next steps!

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  4. Wow! You are wise to come up with the “strip” Lego plan. It makes a lot of sense and seems to delete the wobble affect! I was amazed by your friend’s Postage Quilt. What an amazing amount of work! Thanks for all the postings!

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