Quilt Alliance Contest

Here’s my entry for the 2016 Quilt Alliance contest, “Playing Favorites “. The design is inspired by Gwen Marston’s work, and the piece is titled “Gwen Visits the Farm”. The black fabric has animal sounds printed on it: “peep” etc.

improvisational quilt

“Gwen Visits the Farm”

The “Playing Favorites” theme of the 2016 Quilt Alliance contest is intended to capture a picture of quilting in 2016 by asking contestants to make quilts using their favorite techniques.  I love improvisational quilting, and Gwen Marston was doing it long before anyone thought of the “modern” quilt movement!

In addition to making the quilt in Gwen Marston’s improvisational style, I quilted it using decorative stitches.  I’ve used several of the decorative stitches on my machine for quilting for a long time now.  However, I recently took a Craftsy class in which Jackie Gehring suggested using even more of the decorative stitches.  I think the stitching reflects the state of the art of quilting in 2016, as well.machine quilting

I’ve been thinking for YEARS of doing a series of quilts in the styles of my favorite quilt designers, so this is the first in that series. Please stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Quilt Alliance Contest

  1. Other favorites? I’d have a hard time naming names of designers, I think. Marston, certainly, though I don’t often work in a “liberated” style as the term has come to be understood. (If you read her comments on liberated quilting, I’m right in line with it…) Mary Lou Weidman is easily recognizable. But I’m not sure I could give you many more names, especially of people working a lot today. So I’ll look forward to your list and your pieces.

  2. so refreshing to read a like minded blogger/quilter! I mentally roll my eyes a lot at times about the “modern” quilt movement but end up being happy it has brought so many more younger people into quilting. I so love this quilt ! I look forward to seeing what you do next..

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