Another Zen Chic Quilt

Yes, I liked this pattern so much I made it twice.The quilt shown above is the first version, more or less following the pattern.

I’ve blogged previously about the second version, made when I had the “brilliant” idea that this would be a great Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG) project. Here it is again:Anyway, I still like both of them and plan to use them when I next teach QAYG.

Here are the stats on the latest one (with the border):

Quilt name: Bauhaus

Pattern by Zen Chic available here

Finished size (with border): 58″ x 58″

Designed by: Brigitte Heitlend of Zen Chic

Made by: me

Quilted by: Linda

Have a good week!

12 thoughts on “Another Zen Chic Quilt

  1. It must have been fun hanging the Bauhaus #2 outside your window! I do recognize that side of your house! HA!
    QAYG? It’s the back bits that have to be dealt with after everything else is ‘done’ that is the mousetrap for me…just sayin’…

  2. They’re both beautiful, certainly because of your delicious color choices. And what a good way to make them – QAYG. Perfect for your classes. Love the last picture of the quilt hanging out the window. It’s perfect too!

  3. These both are very cool quilts, but I am amazed that you did them QAYG. Like one of your commenters, it’s the dealing with the back bits that put me off this process. But, if they could look like yours, it would be worth the challenge. It took me along time to figure out how you got that photo of the quilt hanging from the side of your house. Very fun!

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