Finish! A Really Old UFO

A number of years ago we had a guild program in which we made 3-dimensional fabric. I know I got this fabric wet and pushed it through a cake rack, but I don’t recall the details and can’t find instructions online. If you know how to do this, please tell me!

So this fabric (just the purple piece, with no beads yet), sat around for quite a while.

Then I layered it on batting and added all the rest of the stuff–beads, ribbon, side triangles, and quilting.

Then it sat around. OK, there was a lot going on in those years, but really, it just didn’t rise to the top of the “to-do” list.

Finally this week I got it out and applied binding.

Quilt Stats

Name: Shiny

Designed and made by: me

Quilted by: me

Finished size: 11″ x 11″

Whew! I’m guessing it took 5 years to make this quilt. Well, at least to get it finished πŸ˜€Β  What’s your oldest UFO?

16 thoughts on “Finish! A Really Old UFO

  1. Unfortunately 1985 was my oldest UFO. I finished it when I retired. Now several I started in 2000 wait their turn between current projects.

  2. Very interesting! I vaguely remember other quilters doing something like this, but cannot recall any specifics. Obviously, I didn’t participate in that trend. πŸ™‚ Happy for you to have another finished UFO, though! Nothing beats that feeling.

  3. Hi Mary,

    I found a free guide to embellishment techniques at One looks similar to what you did with the fabric. Maybe, maybe not what you did exactly, but I going to give it a go. Etsy has some crazy-delicious designs using embellishments!


  4. That is the most intriguing and beautiful piece. I love it. I look so forward to your posts because all of your pieces are so fascinating.

  5. Oh I do remember that crinkle technique but not HOW to do it! This is quite the artsy finish – I love it. Oldest UFO? A few orphan blocks made in earnest during the late 80s early 90s have been re-purposed in a few other projects (as placemats, mug rugs, donation quilts) over the past 5 years. Yep, I’m a real pokey puppy.

  6. My oldest UFO is 6 years old I think, that is if you count something actually started. If you count something I’ve put the pieces together to make someday, then my oldest UFO is like 12 years old!
    Congratulation on finishing that piece – looks like a cool technique with the purple fabric in the center – cool piece and I love the name!

  7. Fun to pull those old ones out! I like the color combination as well as the texture. I always intend to do some of those effects. Maybe I actually will. My oldest UFO is from before I moved to OR and I moved in 2011. Not sure how much before . . . kinda don’t want to know, LOL.

  8. My favorite line in your post is “I put it through a cake rack.” Not often we can say that in relation to a quilt we’re making! Good for you for finishing up a UFO. I had made some small quilts some time ago, intending to sew them all together into a bigger quilt, but instead I ripped all the labels off and threw them away. I guess that’s another way to deal with UFOs!

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