Some Favorite Tools

In the past year I’ve tried a number of new-to-me tools for my quilting, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. As always, these are not affiliate links; they are just for your convenience.

A New Table for My Sewing Machine

I’ve had in mind for years (literally) to get a table I can “drop” my machine into, but goodness! Have you looked at the prices of sewing furniture?!? Not in the budget!

However, I’ve seen a couple of people use the SewEzi portable table and both recommended it. It still isn’t cheap by any means, but it’s a lot less than “sewing furniture” and I’m very pleased with it. I got the portable version rather than the Grande because I have every intention of taking it to retreats with me. I positioned it perpendicular to my usual sewing table so I now have all the large table to the left to support the quilt when I’m attaching binding. The only drawback is that I had to wait several weeks for delivery, but of course we’ve come to expect that these days.

A New Seam Guide

I’ve had the Angler 2 seam guide so long it has turned yellow! I learned that it’s no longer made, so I’m trying Clearly Perfect Angles from New Leaf Stitches. It’s getting a good workout because my current project has about a zillion flying geese.This tool has, as advertised, eliminated the need to draw a diagonal line on the back of my squares. There’s even an auxiliary line that is used to sew the second seam needed to make those scrap HSTs that are a byproduct of the “waste triangle method”. So now I have 2 zillion HSTs….

New Non-Slip Stuff

I’ve tried multiple products, at multiple price points, to keep my rulers and templates from slipping while cutting. Most recently I found Grippy, and after trying it on one template I just lined up all the templates and rulers and sprayed the backs of all of them! On a per-use basis I think it’s the least expensive of the products, and it doesn’t leave a gummy mess on the back of the template like some of the stick-ons did. It’s my fave.

So tell me, what are your favorite tools? I’m always looking for something new to try 🙂

15 thoughts on “Some Favorite Tools

  1. What a good blog post! I’ve seen friends use that Sew-Ezi table at retreats, and it does the job. I have a Gidget II table for my Bernina 440QE, when I want to take it on retreat, or set it up in my sewing room along with my Bernina 770QE. The Gidget II table has an insert to perfectly match the 440. For 770QE piecing and quilting I have an adjustable height table and put a Sew Steady table around it. I had to smile when you wrote about your Angler II… I still have the FIRST Angler! 🙂 Yes, it’s a bit yellow too. Your new Clearly Perfect Angler looks great! Interesting about the spray for rulers. I don’t put anything on the back of my rulers, but then, I’m using rulers less and less as I’m playing more often with improv. Thanks for your nice product reviews!

  2. This is my favorite marking tool. It always works, doesn’t easily brush off, makes a crisp non expanding line

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  3. That portable SewEzi table looks promising. The price is good IMHO (as you mentioned way lower than other available furniture sunken sewing cabs), it has a level of ‘personalization’ to ones particular machine, it’s about the same size as a standard sewing table (so fits in the same available space) and it comes highly recommended by yourself along with other quilters who have tested it in the real world of use and transport. It may be a while till I can get my hands on one, but this is the solution I’ve been looking for ever since I started manhandling machine quilting on a regular basis. Plus, yours is purple – what’s not to like?!
    Thanks, Zippy!
    BTW: I noticed the LVtile flooring in your studio, how’s it holding up for you?

    • The LVT is holding up great, and as you say, what’s not to like about purple accents on the table! I love my LVT. It’s much easier to maintain than the hardwood in the rest of the house and I don’t have to “baby” it.

  4. Okay, I’m ready to get your angler tool. I purchased the next iteration, so mine is newer and still holding up, but I like the lines on that one. I tried the Lori Holt angler tool, but aside from being very cute, it’s pretty useless. Great post about tools!

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