Super Simple Squares

A layer cake of Alison Glass fabric jumped in my cart when I wasn’t looking, and I’ve been wondering what to do with it. Finally, I designed this quilt.

The quilting by Julia Madison is an Urban Elementz panto called “Sound Waves”. I love it!

Quilt stats:

Name: Super Simple Squares

Finished size: 52″ x 52″

Designer: me

Fabric: Alison Glass

Quilted by: Julia Madison

18 thoughts on “Super Simple Squares

  1. Sometimes it’s the simplest design and fabric combo that make a quilt successful. I’d say this is. It’s a good design for a new quiltmaker. And I agree that the soundwaves quilting design looks great with it. Just the right combination of linear piecing and gently curved quilting.

  2. Just got back from Chicago and ready for that shop hopping – Can’t wait for some fabric to jump into my basket soooooon!!!
    Great design, I see a scrappy quilt application could work really well too.

  3. Please be careful of leaving your shopping cart/basket unattended when around beautiful fabrics. Many of us have suffered from this unintended “jumping” of fabric via yardage or pre-cuts. It is a known issue but no one in the fabric world has taken steps to protect us, they keep making awesome fabrics!!!
    Speaking of awesome – love that happy quilt!

  4. Now Iโ€™m in trouble: Iโ€™ve been trying to give myself a reason to buy her newest batch of fabrics, and here I have it! This is a fun quilt from start to finish, from fabric to design. I love the offset squares, as it keeps your eye moving all around. Congratulations on a fun finish!

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