My Quarantine Quilt: Support Your Local Quilt Shop

It all started when this fabric jumped on me at Studio Stitch.  (I promise I was minding my own business when it jumped on the counter to be cut.)  I love this fabric and my new policy is “Life is short, buy the fabric”.

At the same time, the scrap bin was AGAIN overflowing! I’m suspicious of what goes on in the scrap bin when I’m not looking 😉

I decided to make the scraps into strip blocks for a quilt.

When I finished the quilt, I called Studio Stitch right away and ordered more of the background fabric because it is just perfect.  It has more interest than a solid, but doesn’t fight with the overall design.

I also decided to write up the pattern and give it to Studio Stitch to use as a gift with purchase. They are working to provide things you may need from the shop, and even service for your machine, during the quarantine.  You can email them to order anything either for pickup (they’ll walk it out to your car) or to be mailed.:

Here’s a detail of the finished quilt.  I hope it is clear enough to show the nifty leaves Julia Madison quilted into it for me.Quarantine is a great time to get rid of a big pile of scraps!  Contact Studio Stitch if you need fabric or a Tucker Trimmer II, which was useful for this quilt.  And please send me a picture of what you make!

And yes, I’m still making masks, as I’m sure you are, but we need fun and we need to support our favorite shops, too 🙂

21 thoughts on “My Quarantine Quilt: Support Your Local Quilt Shop

  1. You always impress, excite, and motivate me with you weekly activities.
    Thanks so much for doing what you do. And don’t stop.

  2. I like looking through bloggers’ bins of scraps! I recognize a scrap of bee fabric on the floor beside your bin just like mine – and I’m happy to report ***my*** bee-scraps are all used up…HA!
    So cool that your scraps inspired you to write up a new pattern…you always come up with great ways to use them.
    And kudos for persevering on making more masks…

  3. That is wonderful you donated the pattern as a gift with purchase! Lovely quilt and I understand about fabric just jumping out at you! I’ve been a fabric purchase victim in the past myself 🙂

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