Before and After

First, just to say I’m making masks like everybody else. I did verify where they are actually needed locally before I started. Enough said.
Now, back BEFORE everything was turned on its ear, we had this fun “Easier Than It Looks” class at Studio Stitch. It was fun to see the fabric choices!

And best of all, Betti sent me a picture of her finished top!  I think it’s spectacular!

One of these days the pandemic will be contained and we’ll have classes again.  See you then!  I will continue to post about quilts weekly; you can just take it on faith that I’m washing my hands and leaving home only to deliver the masks I’ve made 🙂  Take care!

8 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. HI Mary! Hope you and yours are well! I wanted to take this class but had a conflict. Is this a purchase pattern? If so, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Kim

    • Hi Kim 🙂. Yes, the pattern is BQ2 and is available at Studio Stitch. Check with them, because they need support at this time and I know they have done both mail orders and drive-up delivery recently. Contact me if it gives you trouble. My best advice is NOT to use a directional fabric! Have fun!

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