Two Finishes

I’m going to resurrect Terry Atkinson’s Lucky Stars quilt pattern as a Christmas or baby quilt class for October at Studio Stitch in Greensboro, so I’ve just made two new shop samples.  This is a great pattern because it is quick and easy to make and almost any mistake made during construction can be fixed without much difficulty.  Therefore, I thought people might enjoy making it as a gift quilt or Christmas quilt.

This is an older pattern, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made it for various recipients.  Here are my latest versions::

Quilt Name: Baby Stars

Size: 48” x 48”

Fabrics: assorted batiks left from other projects

Made by: me

Quilted by: me

Pattern: Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs

Quilt Name: Christmas Stars

Size: 64″ x 81″

Fabrics:  Assorted Christmas yardage bought because I liked it

Made by: me

Quilted by: Julia Madison

Have you made a Christmas quilt yet this year?  It’s not too soon to start 😉


17 thoughts on “Two Finishes

  1. I love star blocks and these quilts are beautiful. When you quilt your own, do you use a long arm just your sewing machine? I’ve pieced two Christmas quilts. I’m thinking of making a Halloween quilt, but I might be too late for this year.

  2. Love that first one–but then I’m a sucker for anything blue-fabriced (is that spelled correctly? blue-fabricked??? Oh well.) I hope your class goes well and that they appreciate your beautiful samples.

    I have four small Christmas wall quilts/table-runners in my closet right now, waiting to be quilted. They are for the kids for Christmas. I made the tops in Spring, but of course, thought I had a lot of time to get them quilted and bound. Guess I’d better get on it!

    • I know what you mean about blue! At one time most of my stash was blue, but I’m trying to branch out 🙃. Know what you mean about thinking you have plenty of time, too! Good luck!

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