Another Scrap Class

Here are some pictures from the recent scrap quilt class.  The block is directional, so it is considerably more difficult to get right than it looks!  Nevertheless, everybody got it right by the end of the day.  Here are a few of the blocks with their makers:

Gail chose the more challenging smaller size and still was the first to finish a block!

Here are a few of the larger blocks:

Sorry I got the glare on the glasses, but the block is beautiful!

This woman made a small block, too!

Love those bright colors!

My next class at Studio Stitch in Greensboro is Twinkle on Thursday, February 21:

I looove this quilt!  Join us if you can!

14 thoughts on “Another Scrap Class

  1. Hmm. Why would the block being directional make it “considerably more difficult to get right”? I looked at these blocks, and if you are working from a chart, I can’t see any difficulty at all in assembling them. Am I missing something?

    • It’s all very well if you look at the chart before each seam, but if you get in a hurry, the next thing you know the block is turned around. I know you to be a very precise seamstress from what I’ve seen of your work, but some of us are a little more slapdash and get ourselves in trouble 😬

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