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I am away at a retreat this week, so here, at last, are more of the wonderful quilts from the Vermont Quilt Festival.  I know, it’s been 3 months, but they’re still great quilts!  Most are art quilts, meaning they have no likely use to keep anyone warm, but I enjoyed the innovative techniques used in them.

VQF, Vermont Quilt Festival

Party Lanterns (detail) by Jean Potvin. The strips are about 1/2″ finished!

modern quiltHaley’s Concept by Bruce Harmon

abstract art quilt

Zoo Bound by G Wong. This was made for a niece going to college!

modern quilt

Take A Left at the Wall and Keep Going by Lois Nial. This was one of my favorites.

butterfly quilt

Kimimila by Beverly Cook. This quilt is round, and looked like stained glass.

orange and blue quiltSunny Day Evolution by Sharon Tier

Art QuiltBranches 5: Big Branches by Lee Sproull

diamond quiltPiece of Cake by Ann Feitelson

arrow quilt

This Way Up by Jen Sorenson

art quiltClinging to the Edge by Irene Roderick

And I did get a little bit done on the triangle quilt this week.  Here it is so far:Triangles-11

I can’t decide whether the light blue is too light or not.  It may be clearer either way when there are more blocks.

10 thoughts on “More From VQF

  1. Hi Mary, I love the quilts you posted, especially the “Piece of Cake.” How in the world was it pieced? I don’t have your email address, so I’m writing your through the comments. Please don’t post this, but I wanted to ask you how you made out in the floods. I was thinking of you all week and all the friends and family we have in NC and thankfully they are all fine. I can’t imagine losing my home to water or fire. Such devastation is so sad. My husband keeps saying that we live in a “sweet spot” where we are safe from both, hopefully. I haven’t sewn since I was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney disease which was about 4 years ago. Two years of home dialysis and then my hubby gave me a kidney and am feeling better. I am itching to get back but am determined to clean up my sewing room first. Katie is doing well as is John and her children. Jeffrey is 2-1/2 and such a little sweetie. The older they get there are challenges and stress but Katie handles it well though I wish she didn’t have it. Peter will be 12, Mark will be 10 and Claire just turned 8. They grow up so fast. Anyway, thanks for having your blog. I look forward to reading it each week and it helps me to keep the fire burning to start sewing again.

    Mary Potts

  2. I think the Piece of Cake quilt really is a favorite from the quilts you posted from the show. I love that we post quilts from our areas–giving our quilty acquaintances a chance to see different things from different parts of the country. Thank you!

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