A Few Pictures…

…from a recent very productive quilt retreat!

This string quilt by Rena was a very successful design, I thought:string quilt

Here’s the back of the string quilt, and she also made this cute Halloween quilt top:

Mary made a string quilt, too, this one all in purple:string quilt

And Jerri finished a large Bonnie Hunter quilt with a zillion pieces:Bonnie Hunter quilt

I worked on half rectangle triangles, which turned out to be a lot more work than half square triangles:Half rectangle triangles

And a good time was had by all!

What have you been up to?

13 thoughts on “A Few Pictures…

  1. I love string quilts. Your retreat partners have some great quilt tops. Rectangles are ridiculous, none of the regular rules apply. I am considering getting a bloc-lock ruler combo to assist me…although I find that my tri-Rec ruler does a great job if I remember to cut off those little notches on the ends. Perhaps I just need to go a little slower and things will fit together better.

    • Oops..what I meant to say was that after the experience with bloc-lock vs Deb Tucker for HSTs, I went straight to Deb Tucker’s tool for the rectangular blocks. They are still tedious, but I had a hard time without the tool.

  2. Those are some great designs. I love the fabric you chose for your half triangles. I’m trying out different fabric painting and thread sketched blocks. I’m still working on my weekly fabric quilt journal.

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  3. I love the white combined with the purples in your quilt, and I am glad to get the tip about half rectangle triangles being harder to piece. I will stay away from those until I have more skill or I purchase a tool.

  4. Zippy: The first one is fantastic not just because of design, but mostly because of its successful use of that checkered background fabric…and, red is still up there for one of my color faves!
    The purple one is my fave color, so of course it’s a winner in my eyes, too.
    I waited to comment since I knew I’d nominate you for participation in the 3dayquotechallenge in my 2nd quote: so please give it a consideration, but no pressure of course – info on today’s blog post on my website.

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