A Little Break for Fun

After finishing a big project and preparing classes for the next quarter, I took a little break and used some of the scraps from the unsorted pile.  This is where scraps go before I cut them into the standard sizes I use for storage.scrap block, slabs, scrap quilt

Cheryl Arkison, who blogs at Dining Room Empire, calls this type of block a slab. Of course the idea of joining scraps as you find them has been used by many people in various ways.  I really enjoy making them in a single color, so I made a few when I had a minute.slabs, scrap blocks, scrap quilt

Of course, this didn’t make a dent in the scrap pile, but it was fun!  Has anybody out there found a way to make a real dent in the scrap pile?  It seems to me to grow and grow, with no decrease in size no matter how many scrap quilts I make!

14 thoughts on “A Little Break for Fun

    • Usually they have areas of dominant color, and I cut them up further to isolate those as much as possible. My pink block includes an oriental print that had pink, green, and RED, so cut a mostly-pink section to use and you didn’t even notice the other little bits.

  1. I love those bright colors on these gray days. And to me, nothing is more satisfying than turning those scraps into something pretty and useful. Let other people invent driverless cars and build bridges and so on — putting scraps together is my personal achievement. 🙂

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  3. Not sure where I heard it but I call it “found fabric.” Not really found because you do have to make it! It is creative, in itself, and somewhat mindless and meditational, all at once. The scrappy pieces can look very interesting used in other projects!

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