Done, and Done!

Recently I taught Seminole Patchwork at Studio Stitch in Greensboro. The strips were successfully made…seminole patchwork

and one place mat per student assembled, basted, quilted, and ready for binding!seminole patchwork placemat

I particularly liked this one made with Mode Grunge fabric.

AND the Gypsy Wife top is finished.  I am truly done with that project. Off to the quilter it goes.Gypsy wife quilt top

Hope you had a successful September, too!

12 thoughts on “Done, and Done!

  1. Love your Gypsy Wife quilt. I know you are glad to have it behind you but you will love it when it is quilted. Some of the difficult quilts are like child birth….we forget the pain as soon as the beautiful baby (quilt) is placed in our arms. 🙂

  2. Love the Gypsy Quilt and your Seminole Patchwork! You are busy with all that you do and teach. I’m always looking forward to your next class and/or quilt. 😀

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