A Little Quilt Show

Quiltfest, in Jonesborough, Tennessee, is accompanied by a little quilt show of things done by the teachers and the shop owners.  Naturally, I took a few pictures 🙂  Here are some of my favorites:


Clam Shell, a Judy Niemeyer pattern made by Louise Amos

Scrap quilt

 Detail shot.  This quit was at least queen size, and the little HST squares finish less than an inch!

Cinco de Mayo, made by Renny Jaeger; pattern by Karen K Stone


Quilt by Shannon Shirley. The blocks are TINY and the baskets have tiny chain-stitched handles. See detail view below

Detail of quilt by Shannon Shirley

Lobster Stew, by Nancy Mahoney

Quiltfest is 3 days of classes and other programs held in Jonesborough, TN every July.  So, who’s coming to Quiltfest with me next year?

18 thoughts on “A Little Quilt Show

  1. I too am impressed by the tiny, and also that it is in a big quilt! That is a lot of tiny! And those gorgeous points. I think skinny points is about next on my list of things to learn.

  2. All are lovely. The Cinco de Mayo caught my eye. I have been studying Judy Niemeyer’s books, but I am no where ready to even attempt this. I am talking to my friends about a possible visit to TN. That would be a great trip!

  3. The clam shell one is my favourite, and the one at the bottom. I don’t quilt (don’t have the dexterity for it and I don’t have a sewing machine) but I do like looking at these more unusual quilts. Lovely!

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