Wild Geese: Another Finish

It may seem like I’m finishing a quilt every 15 minutes, but the truth is that I’ve gotten waaaay behind on binding. Since I don’t count a quilt as finished until I bind it, catching up on binding makes me look very productive ๐Ÿ˜€

This quilt is from a pattern, Wild Geese by Natalie Barnes. It’s available on Etsy here, though I’m sure there are other sources as well.

I’m not entirely sure how I came across this pattern, but I was so impressed with all the interesting angles and bright colors that I bought the pattern and made it immediately. I enjoyed pulling out all the bright scraps!

The pattern was quick and easy to follow. This was a fun quilt to make and I think it’s fun to look at, too.

And BTW, I’ve just learned from Laura, a fellow blogger, that a project that jumps ahead of other things in the queue is called a squirrel! Am I the last to learn that term? Anyway, it’s a good one because most quilters I know have studios full of squirrels, as do I.

Here’s a picture showing the backing and binding.

OK, that backing fabric. I bought it with the idea of cutting it up for an easy kaleidoscope quilt, where the MJ wouldn’t have been quite so obvious! Oh, well.

Quilt Stats

Name: Wild Geese

Designed by: Natalie Barnes of Beyond the Reef

Finished size: 52″ x 71″

Quilted by: Linda Nichols


28 thoughts on “Wild Geese: Another Finish

  1. Indeed, it does seem like you’re finishing a quilt every 15 minutes! My goodness, but you’re prolific! This one is a beauty too. Like you, I find the different angles very engaging. And your colors are “oo-la-la.” Now that you know the “squirrel” term, I have to ask if you know WHERE the term originated… In case you didn’t know, it’s from the Disney movie “Up.” It’s what Dug, the talking dog, says when he’s distracted by a “SQUIRREL!” Such a cute move.

  2. The other Laura here to say: you’ve rounded up your squirrels nicely! As for that backing fabric? Glad you finally pulled it from your **stash** as a backing piece – it’s really smokin’.

  3. It’s a beautiful quilt pattern and so lovely with all those bright fabrics! The backing is super fun too!!! Oh I know the term ‘squirrel’ all too well… I have many quilts that started out that way LOL

  4. Like the quilt and backing. I may add to my list. You did great picking the colors. Didnโ€™t know the term squirrel as related to quilting, although Iโ€™m familiar with the movie Dug.

  5. I just finished binding quilts from last year and started on this year’s quilts, so yes, I really was behind. Will I do better? Listen in next week…(remember when radio shows used to say that?)

  6. With that backing you can call this “Geese Flying High.” My college fraternity mascot is Skiouros the squirrel so I suppose I come by squirrel alerts honestly. (But Julie’s Me and My Quilts blog for her squirrel muse.)

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