A Village

I made a lot of little improvised houses and related blocks during COVID and decided to combine them into a quilt for our builder, since we love our house!

Here are a few of my favorite blocks from the quilt.

First, this is a watermelon canning factory. I told the builder it really needs to be re-purposed to make garage doors, since those are in short supply and nobody eats canned watermelon.

Really it’s just my idea of whimsy.

Then there are several little houses that came pre-made from some fabric I’ve had on hand for a long time. I enjoyed placing them in various locations.

My husband especially likes the stars in the sky on this block, not to mention the car pulled up to the house ๐Ÿ˜€

I made a number of wonky houses of my own.

And even one modern house.


Quilt Stats

Name: It Takes a Village to Build a House (because it really did)

Finished size: 45″ x 53″

Designed and made by me

Quilted by Linda

I still have a number of quilts to be bound and blogged, but there is progress!


22 thoughts on “A Village

  1. I’m terribly impressed that you’d make all these creative houses and then give away the finished quilt! But goodness, isn’t it the perfect gift for a home-builder? Each of those blocks is worth spending time appreciating – love the piggy-girl. Well done, Mary! The quilt couldn’t be more suited for a builder!

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  3. I am a total fan of house quilts–can’t get enough of them — so it was fun to see your houses quilt. I’m happy that you showed us details, and gave us the story about some of the blocks. What a wonderful gift for your builder, and a wonderful quilt!

  4. I really enjoyed your Village quilt. I have collected many house patterns and pics of house to create a quilt similar to yours. One day…

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