Sidetracked Again

Every once in a while I come to the surface after being inundated by quilts, scraps, binding, etc. Most recently I took a class at Studio Stitch to make this little clutch.

Of course I’ve made lots of bags, pouches, etc, etc, but I’d never used a frame closure, so I wanted somebody to show me how it’s done. Hint: It was a lot easier than it looks!

Also recently I dug up the pattern for the Celeste Dress, bought close to a year ago.

Celeste Dress, courtesy of Itch to Stitch

I figured the pattern had waited long enough so I made the dress. I studied the size charts carefully, and the fit is perfect (well on me, maybe not on the hanger)!

Pockets! That’s what sold me on this pattern!

I recommend the pattern for those who have some garment construction experience.  It’s a nice pattern and turned out well. I bought the pattern through for two reasons: first, I could read about how it worked for other people before deciding, and second, I was able to order it already printed on full-size paper so I didn’t have to print at home and the tape the pattern together! (Been there, done that.)

Caveat: rayon probably wasn’t the easiest fabric to make it from.

Now back to the quilting…


10 thoughts on “Sidetracked Again

  1. You creative sidetrack resulted in two perfect projects! Love that clutch. It has a nostalgic retro style. The pocket dress is perfect. Years ago, I made my own dresses, with the assistance of my aunt. She would help me with getting the perfect fit. Apparently, I cannot do this without her, since my latest attempts at making a tunic top were a disaster. I think I need to take a course on fitting a pattern.

  2. Oooo. Ooo. Ooo! I’ve been looking for a casual dress pattern. How did you know?! This one looks really good to me as I’ve been searching for something comfortable, that hides my bulging tummy, and has pockets. The ONLY thing unappealing to me is the V-neck, which isn’t flattering on me. Wonder if I could change it to a curve? Anyway, thanks for sharing this! I’m definitely looking into it. Oh! And I love the clutch. I made one many years ago, for our daughter to carry to prom. Agree that it’s surprisingly easy to sew. Good work, you!

    • If I didn’t say it in the text above, the pattern came from
      I like the site because I can read other people’s comments on the pattern before I buy it. Also, I got them to print it for me and mail it in my size so I didn’t have to fool with taping so many pieces of paper together.

  3. Just to mention: I see Itch to Stitch Patterns via Oliver + S:
    She has another cute dress up in the newsletter this week, too.

    Love the dress–the pockets!–and the shape. I tried the Eva dress, but while it is comfortable to wear, it’s a bit baggy. I may give this brand a try. I’m also subscribed to In the Folds. Funny how much I used to sew garments and now I hardly ever do.

    I have several hand-made clutch purses and love them all. Yours is beautiful and I like the style of hinge frame they had you use. I use them more when I travel, but they are fun to make!

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