Improv Quilt-Along Continued

I’ve already posted about the first week of the quilt-along, which was focused on strips. Here are my blocks again.

The second week’s suggestion was polygons but not triangles. I found it difficult to like most of my attempts for this, though I did finally use EQ to design a block that I paper pieced. I thought that many of the others lack focus, so there was a lot of cutting up and re-designing. Still not my faves, but here they are:

The third week focused on triangles. I still did much of my cutting without a ruler, but I stuck to simpler designs and I’m much happier with this collection of blocks.

The quilt-along is called “30 Days of Improv” so we’re only about half way through. Here’s a link to the first post for the QAL if you want to join in. I’m looking forward to next week’s prompts.

13 thoughts on “Improv Quilt-Along Continued

  1. It’s gonna be great! I thought the stripes week was fun; the polygon week was challenging; and the triangles week was the best fun. Learning to cut imprecisely, let alone learning to cut wonky, is more than challenging, especially for those of us – I think we’re alike in this regard – who come from a traditional quiltmaking background. It’s tough to give up preciseness and exactness, and just cut loose! This 30 days has been a healthy dose of “different” to my quiltmaking diet.

  2. I love your strong and bold designs, especially the triangle block that has 3 large triangles, and then the black and orange one that is divided in two. And I love the little triangles in the black and white print you are using.

  3. I’ve seen a few working on this improv challenge–I think your blocks are outstanding and perhaps it’s this color palette. Bravo to you for trying to figure this out. Like Claire, I love those black-and-white details.

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