An Improv Quilt-Along

My blogging friend Linda, over at Flourishing Palms, posted about an improv quilt-along and I got hooked in too! Here’s the link if you want to know more about it:

And here are the fabrics I selected.

The first week’s prompt is strips/stripes. I’ve already done a bunch of what Maria Shell calls “mat cut strips” when I took a class with her, so I tried this time to go beyond what I did with Maria.

Here are a few of the strips

And strip setsAnd some final blocks

To be continued…

10 thoughts on “An Improv Quilt-Along

  1. I love your colors, the black and white fabric, and your first blocks! I did this one last summer. I had lots of fun with the process. Enjoy!

  2. I’m a real fan girl of improv and, thus, of Maria Schell as well as Linda at Flourishing Palms. Your QAL pieces have such zest, motion and vibrancy and bring to mind Nancy Crow, Jean Wells and the wonderful Gwen Marsden. Looking forward to seeing where this exploration takes you.

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