Bad*ss Women!

One of the fun books I’ve received from C&T recently contains transfers to be used for either embroidery or painting.  The title is Bad*ss Women and it includes a variety of prominent women both contemporary and historical.  Here are a few of them (photos courtesy of C&T).  You can click on each one to see it better.

A friend and her granddaughter are making a quilt from these transfers, painting the pictures with fabric pens. I love this idea and would be doing the same if I had a granddaughter.  I was very pleased to see Nancy Pelosi included.  I would have included Mother Theresa, but perhaps the author (or editor) thought calling her a Badass Woman would have been disrespectful.  Anyway, I just love the idea of traditionally female fiber arts celebrating prominent women.

C&T has similar books with transfers of pets (Domestic Divas) and plants (Urban Jungle) as well, but the Bad*ss Women are my favorite!

6 thoughts on “Bad*ss Women!

  1. You make an interesting point about Mother Teresa. I imagine she herself, if she’d been included in that non-religiously named book, would have just nodded, smiled and continued on with her work of love!
    But I respect the choices the author made, regardless!
    Will we get to see the completed granddaughter/friend quilt in future?

  2. Interesting! I’m especially intrigued by using the women’s images. Just last week C&T pulled a book AFTER distribution because it used images for which permissions hadn’t been acquired. !!!

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