Class With Maria Shell!!!

COVID rolled over my plans to attend the Vermont Quilt Festival (VQF) this past summer and take classes there with Maria Shell.  So imagine my excitement when I got an email from VQF offering one of Maria’s classes online!  (Here’s the link if you want to learn more.)

This is the Announcement from VQF

I signed up immediately and started gathering the materials–there really isn’t much needed in that department since I’ll be in my own studio for the class!  The class will be interactive, and the student information included lots of funny reminders like “Remember, we can see you.  Wear pants if you plan to stand up!”  I have no idea how to mute my microphone or much of anything else, so there’s no telling what they’ll see/hear from me, but I’ll be sure to be fully clothed 😀

As you may know, I love Maria’s book (here’s the link if you want to know more about the book.).

I’ve made some “mat-cut stripes” inspired by her, though I haven’t figured out yet what to do with them next,

as well as a little art quilt for which I used her method for making free-cut flying geese.

This quilt is titled “Blue Ridge–Cardinal”

One thing that is different about Maria’s technique for improvising is that she does NOT just combine fabrics randomly.  She looks to see if they go together visually before she sews.  Her quilts are graphic and striking, and I look forward to learning more from her.  I’ll let you know how it goes!  And here’s the link to Maria’s site if you want to explore her work more.

Just a reminder:  The links in this post are for your convenience; they are not affiliate links that generate money for me!

19 thoughts on “Class With Maria Shell!!!

  1. I’m so glad you told me about Maria’s virtual workshop! She HAD been scheduled to teach at the (south Florida) Broward Quilt Fest, in April 2021. So was I, to teach free motion quilting. But a change in the Fest date to October 2021, created a conflict for Maria. (I’ll still be teaching though.) So finding out that she’s teaching online is a real plus for me. I’ve registered! As for her book, I don’t own it, but I’ve read the ebook version through my library app. I’m hoping she covers some of the material she shares in the book. Her stuff is so good! As is your purple and gold block. No doubt you’ll be able to use it in whatever you make during the workshop. It’s gonna be fun!

  2. This looks like fun and so affordable! Though I am partial to wearing pants – even if COVID has got me trapped in my drawstring lightweight sweats!
    The description says it’s for all levels, but it’s been so long since I took a quilting demo class, I’m hesitant to give this a try. Very tempted, though. If not this one, then maybe another!
    Have a great rest of your Sunday, Mary.

  3. Oh, I’m intrigued! Maria was going to teach at Madeline Island School of the Arts (MISA) [Bayfield, Wisconsin] and I was going to splurge and attend — but Covid took care of that. I’ll look into the VQF version. Thanks!

  4. I first heard about this from Linda, so happy you two will be in the same class. I love Maria Shell’s work, and think (as does Linda) that Zoom classes are the way to go! I look forward to seeing your write up about the class, and the work you generate. You’re going to have a great time!

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  6. She is lovely and so talented. She spoke at our Central Oregon SAQA meeting and did a trunk show a couple years ago. I follow her blog. What a bummer that you did not get to go to the Vermont Quilt Festival (that sounds amazing to go to someday) but glad you are getting to attend her class online.

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