7 Years and Counting!

As of this month, I’ve been blogging here every Sunday for 7 years!  I’ve debated what to do for my blogiversary, having largely skipped it last year.  My decision is to show my favorite quilt from each year I’ve blogged.  So here we go…

First year blogging:

scrap quilt

My entry for the Quilt Alliance Challenge 2014; I think it won a judge’s choice award

Second year:

I designed this quilt for Modern Quilts Unlimited

Third year:

Improv Table Runner for Modern Quilts Unlimited

Fourth year:

Quilt I designed from a QR code used by Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest, shown here with their staff

Fifth year:

My donation to the Quilt Alliance auction was used in their publicity

Sixth year:

My “Little Green Man” quilt included Kraft-Tex applique

Seventh year:

I’ll have more to say about “Fiddlesticks” next week

Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned for Year 8 🙂

27 thoughts on “7 Years and Counting!

  1. Congratulations on 7 years. These quilts are all beautiful, but that table runner is my favorite. Beautiful colors, perfect quilting. Looking forward to where the next 7 years take you.

  2. I recognize all but the first and fifth quilt – I guess I’ve been reading and enjoying your posts for longer than I remember! HA!
    Great way to celebrate your 7th blogoversary and on the seventh of June to boot.

    • Yes, about that many posts, but who’s counting 😄. I love the rabbits, too, but the design is Debbie Maddy’s, not mine. Thanks for following and commenting!

  3. Congratulations for being a consistent blogger! I know how writing posts can be challenging, especially when life keeps you busy. I know dozens of bloggers who completely stopped blogging, and that’s sad. I miss the chance to really get to know people. Your quilts have been modern for all these years? Good for you! I like them all.

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